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The Cary Brass Guy LLC is a family owned and operated range brass recycling business that provides access to common and hard to find brass for your reloading needs. We sort the the filthy range bucket discarding the aluminum, steel, or otherwise grossly deformed cases leaving you with the diamonds in the rough. 

Thanks to the tremendous support of the reloading community in North Carolina and beyond, we have been blessed with the opportunity to expand our business from a brass processor operating out of our garage to being an 07 FFL with Class 02 SOT operating from our showroom at 7424 Acc Blvd Suite 105 Raleigh, NC 27617. 

This expansion has led to a few branding changes, but please know that we are still family owned and operated. We remain committed to the reloading community and providing high quality, reloading brass and supplies. As such, this website will remain focused on our reloading community and to the products / services that we offer in store and at local gun shows. If however you found us looking for a new firearm or more niche accessory, please head on over to our firearms site located at https://www.tcbg.shop/. This site is fully integrated with our distributors to allow you access to nearly any accessory you can think of!

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